One of the things my daughter and I love most about photos of the British is their amazing headwear - fascinators! They are such a fun accessory and really wishing they were more in style here in the US. Until then, we will enjoy seeing all of the awesome fascinators on display for the upcoming Royal wedding and have fun making our own fascinators from upcycled items!


Start with: 

  • Bottom Portion of Grape Tomato Package
  • Oranges/Clementine Net Bag
  • Cardstock
  • Paper Fastener
  • Scissors
  • String
  • Hot Glue Gun
  • Bobby Pin or Barrette

Create It!

Step 1: Tie string or yarn to the inside of the tomato container, knotting on both sides. This will provide the anchor for clipping on the fascinator.

Step 2: Using hot glue gun (we recommend helping your little artists with this portion or showing them as you do it as the glue can burn little hands), add netting to top outside of tomato container.

Step 3: Cut petals for large flower from cardstock.

Step 4: Put the flower pieces together and secure with paper fascinator. We used a hole punch to guide the paper fascinator but is optional.

Step 5: Glue paper flower to the fascinator.

Step 6: To hide some of the glue and finish it off, we created a small braiding by folding strips of paper back and forth and placing with glue over where the netting was originally glued.

These are so fun! My fashion loving daughter loved making these with friends at a playdate and we have plans to make more together!