Do your little ones like to play dress up? How about a fun Valentine's Day themed heart scepter? We made it (along with a simple crown) for fun imaginative play just in time for Valentine's Day!

Start with: 

  • Colored Paper/Cardstock
  • Scissors
  • Paper Tube
  • Paper Fasteners
  • Tissue Paper
  • Paper Punch
  • Glue or Hot Glue Gun*

Create it!

Step 1: Cut strip of tissue paper and glue around end of paper tube.

Step 2: Follow instructions here to create paper ball and attach to end of scepter.

Step 3: Cut a heart shape, leaving a straight portion at bottom for attaching to paper ball. Glue the folded portions to the top of the paper ball.

Step 4: Add final details such as dots from paper punch to the base of the scepter and a strip of paper around the gathered edge of the tissue paper for added color!

* We used a hot glue gun - carefully supervise or better yet join in the fun - but glue would work well too.

We love taking items that otherwise would end up in the trash or recycle and making something fun from them. With that idea in mind, these imaginative play upcycled forest animal puppets were born!

Start with:

  • Dual Compartment Yogurt Containers
  • Paper or Cardstock, multiple colors
  • Scissors
  • Hot Glue Gun

Create it!

Step 1: Cut or trace a circle portion on paper or cardstock. (We used a soup bowl to trace.)

Step 2: Cut out circle portion and glue to corners of smaller portion of yogurt container.

Step 3: Cut back portion of circle to open up the smaller portion of yogurt container.

Step 4: Cut and glue eyes, ears, nose and any other accessories for your forest animal.

Fun imaginative play for little ones cooped up inside during these cold winter months! As always, little hands can easily be burned with hot glue gun so supervise carefully or better yet - join in on the fun!

Last year, instead of small gifts during the month of December, my children and I agreed to make a tree ornament together everyday from December 1 through Christmas! It was such a fun time we are going to do it again this year. Since last year, I have been hoarding spice lids for necklaces. And, while this could easily be turned into a necklace, we are hanging this version on our tree as ornaments!

Start with:

  • Spice Lid
  • Scissors
  • Embroidery Thread

Create it!

Step 1: Cut long piece of thread and knot several times, thread through top left hole of spice lid.

 Step 2: Thread through holes several times in shape of tree.

 Step 3: Repeat previous step to create second tree.

Step 4: Cut thread and wrap around top portion of the spice lid. Once finished, tie in knot.

Step 5: Tie a knot to top of thread for hanging on the tree! 

There is just something extra special about a handmade gift. Often we are pulled in so many directions during the holiday season it can be difficult to find time to make something for everyone on your gift list. This simple craft strikes a great balance for creating something unique and handmade!

Start with:

  • Sketch or doodle book
  • Pen/pencil
  • Colored cardstock
  • Scissors
  • Paper Fasteners
  • Single hole paper punch (optional)

Create it!

Step 1: Draw holly leaves and berries on corresponding colored cardstock.

Step 2: Cut out holly leaves and berries.

Step 3: Use single hole punch or simply poke paper fasteners through base of each leaf and center of berry cluster.

Step 4: Fashion leaves and berries on paper fastener to create a sprig of holly.

Step 5: Use single hole punch or press holly on paper fastener through cover of sketch/doodle book and secure.

So simple to make but adds a fun, festive look to a useful gift your loved one is sure to enjoy!