We love creating robots! They have so many fun shapes that can be mixed to form fun personalities. We also enjoy a good joke. For your enjoyment, here are some of our favorite winter themed robot jokes!


Who is a kid’s favorite robot in December? HoHoHobot

What kind of robot looks prettiest on top of a Christmas package? Bowbot

Who is the chilliest robot in town? Snowbot

What kind of robot lights up a Christmas tree? Glowbot


Do you have any to share?

What creative ways do you make your kid table cool for the holidays? We would love to hear your ideas!

Halloween provides such a fun opportunity to get creative! We love seeing all of the unique costumes and couldn’t help but get our doodle books in on the action. Which of our costumes do you like the best?

Start with:

  • Cardstock paper
  • Yarn
  • Paper punch
  • Scissors

Create It!

Embroidery and other textile arts can create stunning artwork. Not ready for a needle? Interested in introducing textile artwork in a simple project?  

Using the single hole paper punch, punch your design in the cardstock. Cut a length of yarn and knot one end. Simply thread the yarn through the paper hole punches to create a fun and colorful masterpiece!