We made these little cactus valentines for Red Ted Art! Click here to view the full tutorial.

Our second week of #ArtTheAlphabet has been so fun! There are more than 100 ideas for letters A and B using the hashtag. We posted several projects for Letter B - find links to the tutorials below!

B is for Butterfly! Click here for tutorial.

B is for Bug Collection! Click here for tutorial.

B is for Bracelets! Click here for tutorial.

B is for Blue Bear Beanie! Click here for tutorial.


Does your little one have a favorite soft toy? This little bear is currently a favorite with my youngest and so we decided his little scarf wasn't enough to keep him warm this winter - he needed a hat! Full instructions for this no sew, no glue project below!

Start with:

  • Pipe Cleaners
  • Scissors

Create it!

Step 1: Measure the hat wearer's head with a pipe cleaner and bend to mark the place.

Step 2: Cut a smaller portion (half) of pipe cleaner and wrap it around the original pipe cleaner. Continue until the original pipe cleaner is covered with the shorter pieces.

Step 3: Twist the ends of the original pipe cleaner together to form a circle that fits the intended hat wearer's head.

Step 4: Gather all of the smaller pieces together and wrap a small piece of pipe cleaner around the top portion to secure.

If any portions of wire are sticking out, be sure to fold down to keep the hat soft and fuzzy!

Last week we started a fun weekly prompt #ArtTheAlphabet to encourage creativity focusing on a letter each week and art, crafts and activities to go along with it. A roundup of all of the Letter A crafts we shared this week!

A is for Alpaca! Click here for tutorial.

A is for Arctic Small World Play! Click here for tutorial.

A is for Alligator! Click here for tutorial.

A is for Apple! Click here for tutorial.

A is for Adventure! Click here for tutorial.

We will be starting Letter B week tomorrow so be sure to check back for all the Letter B fun!