We love basic shapes and bright colors! For today’s project, we incorporated color coding label stickers into our doodle sketches. With only three supplies, this simple art project provided hours of fun.

Start with:

  • Paper
  • Pens/Markers/Colored Pencils
  • Assorted Label Stickers

Create It!

Begin by choosing and placing a sticker/s on paper. Use pens, markers, or colored pencils to turn the stickers into fun and colorful artwork.

We also created some doodles using only black pen with the brightly colored stickers and they really popped!


Start with:

  • Favorite zombie sketch
  • Card Stock, light cardboard or heavier paper
  • Single paper punch
  • Paint/Paintbrush
  • Glue
  • Yarn
  • Stapler
  • Scissors

Create It!

Any zombie fans out there? We have a couple at the studio – the more gruesome, the better! We thought it would be fun to create special frames to display some of our favorite zombie sketches. It was pretty simple and gruesome in the best way possible!

Begin by painting the cardstock or light cardboard for the frame. (We recycled the cover of a catalog we received in the mail that was printed on a heavier paper.)

After the paint dries, center and glue the zombie sketch to the painted frame.

Place hole punches on the frame (top and bottom for each “zombie scar”). Cut and string yarn through two punched holes. Tie yarn in knot on back of frame.

Staple three to four staples close together on the tied yarn to create the “zombie scar.” Repeat for as many “zombie scars” as desired.

Once Halloween rolls around, we will likely do this again with more zombies and other creepy monsters!

Start with:

  • Black or Dark Blue Paper
  • Gold Foil Star Stickers
  • White, Yellow, Metallic Crayon or Colored Pencil

Create It!

Ever in awe of the amazing imaginations used to connect the stars into the constellations? With the simple supplies listed above, your little artists can create their own imagined constellations. Place the gold foil stars randomly on the black or dark blue sheet of paper. Using crayon or colored pencil, connect the stars to form a picture. Looking for inspiration? There are 88 officially recognized constellations. Which constellation is your favorite?

Start with:

  • Yarn (two or more colors)
  • Scissors
  • Cardboard or cardstock

Create It!

These bracelets are super cute and can be customized for each of your little artists! First, cut five approx. two feet pieces of yarn in one color. Cut one 4 foot piece of contrasting colored yarn.

We created our own weaving base using the top of a cream cheese box. Cardstock or lightweight cardboard approx.. 5 in. by 3 in. will work fine. Cut five shallow slits on the top and bottom of the 5 in. weaving base.

String each of the five lengths of yarn, tucking into the top and corresponding bottom slits.

Next, tie the contrasting yarn piece to the first of the attached strings, leaving approximately 1 ft. on the non weaving end.

Weave the contrasting yarn through.

When you’ve reached the end of the first row, tuck the contrasting yarn over the last attached yarn string and begin weaving back in the opposite direction.

Continue weaving back and forth until the end of the weaving base is reached. Tie the contrasting yarn to the last attached string.

Then, tie the contrasting yarn to each of the remaining strings for the top and bottom row.

Once secured, separate the six strings into three groups of two and braid to desired length, tying with a knot at each end.

Snip off remaining strings and tie to desired size. We had so much fun making these! Hope you do too!