Fancy pencils for some festive doodle time? Make an afternoon of it with some hot chocolate while doodling or drawing after the pencils are made!

Start with:

·         Thin Cardboard (we used a beverage can carton)

·         Scissors

·         Pencil

·         Paper hole punch

·         Yarn

·         Tape

·         Cardstock

Create It!

Step 1: Draw approximately seven stars of varying sizes on cardboard.

Step 2: Cut out and punch hole in center of each star.


Step 3: Wrap yarn around each star, tucking end of yarn under to secure.

Step 4: Gently place pencil tip through punched hole and slide star to eraser end of pencil. Start with the smallest star first! Repeat with remaining stars, spacing evenly, to form the tree.

Step 5: Cut two identical stars from cardstock. Tape back to back on eraser.

Once Christmas is over, the decorations are easily removed from the pencil. A “tree-mendously” fun craft to start a holiday doodle session!

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We love how this simple craft adds such a festive touch! Cheery addition to gifts, party favors or just for fun! They take very little time to make and you likely already have all of the materials on hand!

Start with:

·         Green cardstock

·         Pencil

·         Tracing objects (we used a quarter, nickel and dime)

·         Toothpick

·         Scissors

·         Star stickers

Create It!

On green cardstock, trace one of each sized circles per tree.

Cut out circles.

Starting with smallest circle, gently poke toothpick through center. (or use tip of a pen to create hole) Slide smallest circle near the top of the toothpick.

Repeat with remaining circles, leaving largest circle for last.

Carefully place one star sticker at very top of toothpick. Turn toothpick over and cover back of sticker with a second star sticker. This is the trickiest part!

Anchor toothpick in pencil eraser for a festive holiday touch!