Does anyone else like to decorate for Thanksgiving with those adorable, tiny pumpkins? We are solidly pumpkin people through Thanksgiving! These little yarn pumpkins are simple to make and look so cute in little clusters to decorate for Thanksgiving!

Start with:

  • Paper Cups
  • Yarn
  • Paint
  • Paintbrush
  • Pencil
  • Siccors
  • Single Hole Punch
  • Pipe Cleaner

Create it!

Step 1: Paint the cup orange and allow to dry.

Step 2: With a pencil, poke a hole into the center of the bottom of the cup.

Step 3: Using a single hole paper punch, make holes around the top rim of the cup.

Step 4: Cut a piece of yarn, knot it and begin stringing yarn from the single hole to each of the holes punched around the rim, returning to the single hole between each of the holes around the rim. (You may need to use the pencil tip to help push the yarn through the single hole as more yarn goes through.) Once finished, knot the yarn and cut off any excess.

Step 5: Turn the cup upside down so the rim becomes the bottom. Thread a pipe cleaner through the top, twist and curl the ends by wrapping gently around the pencil.

For smaller pumpkins, cut a portion of the rim off prior to punching the holes around it. We like the look of a variety of sizes. It would also be fun to see a variety of different orange  yarns used on several pumpkins!