As a child, did you have one of those wooden snakes that “slithered” back and forth when the tail was held? We decided to create a larger version using some recycled materials we had on hand!

Start with:

  • Wrapping Paper Roll
  • Paper Towel Roll
  • Scissors
  • Yarn
  • Brads
  • Markers
  • Hole Punch

Create It!

First, gently unravel the sections of the wrapping paper roll. This will form the snake’s “slithering” body.

Next, cut paper towel roll in half. The top portion will be used for the snake’s head and the bottom portion for the snake’s tail.

Cut the top portion of the paper towel roll to form a rounded head. Hole punch two eyes. We used knotted yarn to make the eyes but brads could be used as well.

Punch single hole near top of mouth. Insert approx. two inches of string and tie knots to create forked tongue. To the opposite end of the head, taper by cutting each side so it will fit into the wrapping paper roll. Use hole punch and brad to secure head.

To create the tail, gently unravel the remaining section of the paper towel roll. Punch hole in top portion and tie yarn leaving a generous amount for winding around the tail.

Roll the unraveled section and wind yarn around it to create the snake’s tail. We used more than one color and repeated this process for each color. Once finished tie knot and cut any remaining yarn from the tail. Use hole punch and brad to secure tail to end of wrapping paper roll.

Decorate snake with markers and it’s play time!