We've got one last Thanksgiving craft for you - a turkey hat! It's made from cardboard and we used a variety of painting techniques for the feathers.

Start with:

  • Cardboard
  • Scissors
  • Paint
  • Glue
  • Pom Poms
  • Cardstock 
  • Plastic knife
  • Plastic Lid
  • Stapler

Create it!

Step 1: Cut two cardboard circles, one for head and one for body. Glue together.

Step 2: Cut two eyes from cardstock. Glue to turkey head and add a pom pom in the center of each one.

Step 3: From cardboard or cardstock, cut a beak and wattle and glue to the turkey face.

Step 4: Cut a large half circle and two smaller half circles. To each half circle, add dots of paint to the outer edge. Scrape downward with plastic knife. Allow to dry.

Step 5: Dip plastic lid in paint and use to decorate the wings, tail feathers and turkey body. Allow to dry. 

Step 6: Create a band from cardboard, size to fit and secure with stapler. Glue turkey head and body to cardboard band.

Step 7: Cut a notch in the center of each of the wings. Cut two notches in the tail feather piece so it sits across the cardboard band.

Step 8: Place the wings and tail feather on the cardboard band.

A fun addition to Thanksgiving!