Small worlds are easy to set up and add a new twist for old toys - like the plastic animals my children have played with for years and years!

Start with:

  • Cardboard - either a low box or packaging cardboard like we used
  • Blue Sensory Filler - chick peas, rice, etc.
  • Green Shredded Paper
  • Various green and blue elements such as tulle, legos, recycled tops, etc.

Create it!

Step 1: Start with an area to contain the small world. We used this interesting packing material but a low cardboard box would work just fine too!

Step 2: Add a river with sensory filler like the blue dyed chick peas we used or rice or even shredded paper.

Step 3: Add "grassy" plants like shredded paper or Easter Basket filling.

Step 4: Add lego parts, fabric like tulle or even recycled tops to the jungle to create your small world.

There are so many options with small worlds and they don't take much time to set up. It's so fun to set one up the night before and surprise your littles with it in the morning!