Looking for something fun to wear to upcoming holiday parties? This reindeer necklace is both fun to make and wear!


Start with:

  • Textured cardboard
  • Bits of colored cardstock (red, white, black)
  • Scissors
  • Glue
  • Paper punch
  • String

Create it!

Step 1:  From textured cardboard, cut three circles of varying sizes. (We used glasses and bottle tops to trace the circles.)

Step 2:  Near the bottom of the largest circle, glue the second largest circle. Then, to the second largest circle, glue the smallest circle.


Step 3:  Use 1 inch hole punch (or freehand) to make two white circles and one red circle from cardstock. Single hole punch (or freehand) two small black circles.

Step 4: Glue black circles to white circles to create reindeer eyes and glue to reindeer face.

Step 5: Cut and glue together strips of textured cardboard for antlers.

Step 6: Attach antlers to face.

Step 7: Glue nose to reindeer face.

Step 8: Tie string around each antler to create necklace.

These would also make a fun activity for pre-holiday playdates!