In January we started with Letter A week and this week wrapped up Letters X, Y, and Z for our weekly alphabet challenge - #ArtTheAlphabet! So many fun art, craft and play activities for each letter of the alphabet. Our X, Y, and Z projects are below:

X is for Xylophone! Click here for full tutorial.

Y is for Yogurt! We upcycled a yogurt cup to make this classic ball and cup DIY game. Click here for full tutorial. 

Y is for Yeti Small World! Click here for full tutorial.

Z is for Zebra! We couldn't resist making the colorful stripes for this rainbow zebra version. Click here for full tutorial.

What a fun series this has been! Each week, so many creative accounts have provides amazing ideas for each letter. If you are planning a preschool unit with each letter of the alphabet, be sure to check out the projects under #ArtTheAlpabet on Instagram for so much inspiration!