Autumn is the season of harvest so we thought it would be fun to incorporate dried lentils and corn - such great warm colors - into a leaf craft. With so many options for designs, and no glue necessary, this simple craft is perfect for the season!

Start with:

  • Adhesive Backed Paper
  • Scissors
  • Marker
  • Assortment of dried lentils, popcorn, seeds, etc.

Create it!

Step 1: Draw a leaf shape on the non-adhesive side of the paper.

Step 2: Cut out leaf shapes.

Step 3: Lay, non-adhesive side down and gently peel off the adhesive backing.

Step 4: Firmly press dried lentils, popcorn or seeds to the adhesive backing.

Added bonus of fun sensory play. Ask colors and discuss what colors autumn leaves can be. A fun activity for Fall!